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🎤 #29 Crypto Taxes: From Simple Swaps to a DeFi Guessing Game

Today we’re tackling crypto taxes with Greg O’Brien & John Malone, CPA & Attorney Co-CEO’s of GoCPA.

🎤 #28 Buidling Your Shield of Conviction

Without conviction, what will you do when the market turns?

🎤 #27 Anchor Protocol – DeFi’s Default Savings Account

A deep dive into Terra’s Anchor Protocol

🎤 #26 The Crypto Snowball Farming Strategy

Leverage the value already locked up in your crypto wallet to generate income and dollar cost average into even more crypto.

🎤 #25 2021 Crypto Market Cycle Recap & 2022 Predictions

It’s been a long and exciting year for crypto, but it didn’t end the way we expected. Let’s look back at the 2021 market cycle and see if we can predict what’s coming next for crypto in 2022.

🎤 #24 Elephants In The Room

Today we tackle some of the more controversial topics in crypto. From energy usage to high fees to NFTs.

🎤 #23 Intro To Terra w/ a Couple of LUNA-tics

Today we learn about the Terra ecosystem – how to acquire native LUNA and UST and putting them to work earning passive income.

🎤 #22 Metaphors for the Metaverse

Crypto is full of confusing jargon. Today we’re making sense of every component of crypto from Bitcoin to Web3 to NFTs and explaining how it all ties together to power The Metaverse.

🎤 Today’s Crypto “Crash” – Gut Reactions & Plans Of Attack

Bonus Episode – GΞR฿Z reacts to todays 25% dip and shares his plan of attack.

🎤 #21 How People Lose Their Crypto & How To Recover It w/ Chris Brooks

Today we discuss all the ways people get hacked, screw up self custody and lose their crypto so you can learn from their mistakes.

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