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BitPiggy Bitcoin Piggy Bank

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Teach em’ to HODL early

As a kid, you were probably taught to save with a piggy bank. Piggy banks aren’t exactly known for their feature set – no interest paid, no insurance, no balance readout – but it was the lesson that was important: save your money and it will be there when you need it. Now, we are seeing a phenomenon daily – a new revolution in currency, which comes with its own lessons. But one lesson stays the same: save your money, and it will be there when you need it.

2 currencies. 1 piggy bank. 1 timeless lesson.

This adorable piggy bank can hold both your little ones’ fiat and Bitcoin in it, shipping with 3 QR public address stickers in the box! These allow savers to both deposit and watch their sats’ value grow in your (and their) favorite watch-only wallet app! The secret is in the included Opendime – this holds the public key, from which the included QR codes are generated. Bonus: the Opendime can also be plugged into any computer to check your wallet balance!

Plus, its nose unscrews, so your little one can get their fiat savings out easily and conveniently as well!

BitPiggy Features

  • Familiar piggy bank form factor
  • Easy-to-use QR code stickers included in the box
  • Great way to teach your kid about saving – both in fiat and Bitcoin.

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