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Every spinning top that leaves our hands to become part of your life — and we mean every single one — is built on the same belief: that a top is more than just a toy. That, above all, a top must be absolutely simple, elegant and designed forever.

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Titanium – 16 g / 0.6 oz – The strongest one. Our most beloved top.

One of the strongest and most popular. This super-metal has the highest strength to weight ratio of all tops. Its high durability and low weight makes this top perfect for upside down spins.


24 Kt Gold Mirror – 28 g / 1 oz – The luxurious one. A perfect desk ornament.

Stand out with this triple-plated 24Kt gold spinning top! Our Gold Mirror editions go through a 10-day precision, polishing, and buffing process that takes our finishes and tactile experience to the next level.


Stainless Steel – 28 g / 1 oz – The original one. The simplicity is beautiful.

Our original spinning top. It stands out due to its minimalistic look and balanced weight. Pairs well with Titanium, Aluminium and Magnesium tops due to the significant difference in weight.


Copper – 32 g / 1.1 oz – The classic one. It gets better with time.

Our most flavorful top! Its ever-changing color can be displayed in many different shades of red, from a bright pink to a dark maroon, giving the little zest of patina every metal collection needs.


Aluminum – 9 g / 0.3 oz – The playful one. Great for upside down spins.

A high velocity top! Known as a lightweight, it is extremely playful and easy to use, especially for those upside down spins. A must have to compare and contrast the different weights in any metal collection.


Damascus Steel – 28 g / 1 oz – The unique one. One of a kind, like you!

One of a kind! Our Damascus Steel is meticulously forged from several layers of high-quality steel to create a grain pattern that becomes truly yours. Just like a fingerprint, no two are the same.


Rose Gold Plated – 28 g / 1 oz – The romantic’s one. Plated with real gold.

This top symbolizes friendship and love; plated with real gold, it is a truly luxurious and original gift that will last forever! Share it with friends and family for an unforgettable experience.


24Kt Gold Plated – 28 g / 1 oz – The stylish one. A must have for gold lovers.

A true luxury! Unlike traditional plating, we triple-plated this top with real 24Kt gold to ensure a unique luxurious finish and outstanding durability. Stand out from the rest and indulge the beauty of this precious element.


Magnesium – 6 g / 0.2 oz – The lightest one. Hold this metal in disbelief.

The lightweight! This ultra-light metal is 10x lighter than the Tungsten spinning top! With the highest velocity of all tops, the magnesium is the easiest to spin and the most playful of them all.


Cast Iron – 26 g / 0.9 oz – The medieval one. Perfect for museum lovers.

The best of all grips! The medieval classic stands out due to its industrial grey look that becomes darker with time. Grey Cast Iron has a porous surface that makes this top easier to hold and spin.


Zirconium – 23 g / 0.8 oz – The exotic one. Unmatched properties.

An exotic, and incredibly rare super-metal in its natural state, Zirconium is silvery-grey. Its material properties are unmatched among our collection, with incredible strength and near perfect weight.


Brass – 30 g / 1 oz – The mature one. A patina matures with you.

This naturally occurring alloy has one of the most desirable colors in our collection. With a unique yellow hue, it quickly became one of the favorites among worldwide collectors.


S.S Mirror – 28 g / 1 oz – The shiny original one. Beauty is in the simplicity.

The shiny one! Surface finish and tactile experience on a whole new level. Our world famous S.S Mirror top goes through a 10-day polishing and buffing process to bring out its immaculate finish.


Bronze – 31 g / 1.1 oz – The ancient one. Delve into the bronze age.

Historic from the Bronze Age. This metal comes in a metallic brown color and has outstanding surface finish that is highly resistant to corrosion. Its low coefficient of friction is perfect for spinning tops.


Nickel – 31 g / 1.1 oz – The fine one. The best surface finish.

The best surface finish! It gives off a brilliant spectrum of rainbow color hues when observed under the light. Nickel is also very hard and durable, making it a perfect desk companion.


Tungsten – 60 g / 2.1 oz – The heavy one. The spinning masterpiece.

The heaviest of them all! Known as the master top, it comes with an incredible feeling of power and gravity. This greyish-white metal has the highest melting point and tensile strength of all elements.


Black Zirconium – 23 g / 0.8 oz – The elegant one. Natural zirconia oxide.

Our most exotic top! This rare super-metal has similar properties to Titanium. It’s heated at very high temperatures to create a jet-black natural zirconia oxide layer that is both extremely hard and durable.


Silver – 37 g / 1.3 oz – The precious one. 99.999% machined silver.

The most unique and playful investment you will ever own! Crafted precisely from a 2 kilogram solid rod of silver, this valuable metal has the highest reflectivity of any element on earth.


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