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The DNA of bitcoin, explained simply

It’s the tool you wish you had when venturing down the bitcoin rabbit hole – Sats Ledger help introduce kids to how the bitcoin ledger works. It includes a simply written, easy-to-read intro explaining how to use them, and are meant to be used in a traditional, analog savings-ledger format.

It also has elements that explains some of the more advanced concepts, like mining difficulty and rewards, the block reward halving, and the transaction verification process. The Sats Ledger also has easter eggs like the raw hex data from Bitcoin’s genesis block, a legendary Satoshi quote from the BitcoinTalk forum and a timeline with all of Bitcoin’s notable moments.

Offline practice of bitcoin concepts

This project is sure to stoke kids’ interest in finance, crypto and concepts of the blockchain through things they already know from day-to-day life – whether being given “mining rewards” as “proof-of-work” for their chores, or the entirely built-in and guided “halving” that is halfway through each ledger, plus each kit comes with 2 ledgers – one for you, one for the learner – for you to keep in sync to keep everyone honest, just like on the blockchain!

Sats Ledger Features

  • Written with ease in mind
  • Ships with 2 ledgers and over 45 stickers

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