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Trezor One Metallic


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Exclusive Trezor device handmade from anodized aluminum, with engraving commemorating the 5th anniversary of SatoshiLabs, maker of Trezor.

One in 300, but still as unique as you are

Trezor One Metallic is a limited edition of Trezor One, commemorating the 5th anniversary of SatoshiLabs, maker of Trezor. Only 300 of these wallets will be made – and they’re engraved on the back with a design commemorating SatoshiLabs – a surefire conversation starter. Plus, it’s made of high-quality anodized aluminum, meaning each Metallic Trezor One is beautifully different and turning your one-in-300 into a one-in-one.

Your handy, secure device

Your Trezor One Metallic has all the security features you’ve come to expect from owning a Trezor. Plus, like the Trezor One itself, supports U2F key generation, making it possible to use your hardware wallet as a security key to get into crypto exchanges like Coinbase, social networks, cloud data, or online shopping accounts. It becomes your security multi-tool!


  • Supports 1000+ currencies
  • Connects to any computer with a USB 2.0 port
  • Beautiful commemorative engraving on its finely-crafted aluminum body


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