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Adding Products

Now that your store is setup it’s time to add some products! Head on over to the Products page in your Seller Dashboard and click Add New Product to get started. Every field on the Add Product form is detailed below incase you have any questions.

  • Product Image – This will be the primary/default image displayed on the product page.
  • Product Gallery Images – The more images the better! Add extra product images for customers to flip through.
  • Product Video – This is a top secret option we can add on the backend. if you have an epic product video on YouTube to display in your image gallery, contact Seller Support and provide us with the YouTube URL and the product ID and we’ll add it for you.
  • Product Name – The name of your product.
  • Price – The full price (in USD) of your product before adding any discount.
  • Discounted Price – The full discounted price (in USD). We’ll show the full price slashed out with the discounted price along side it! Since you’re saving so much money by accepting crypto as payment (zero transaction fees and zero chargebacks/fraud ever!) we highly recommend offering some discount. We recommend 10% or more if you can!
  • Short Description – The short description will display above the Add To Cart button, so keep it brief!
  • Category – The category your products will appear in. If you don’t see a category you like, no need to worry, we’ll add it for you when we take your products live.
  • Description – This is the full description for your product. Unfortunately formatting is light at the moment. We recommend using bold headings to divide sections.

Then click Create Product to add the product to BitLift. You’ll be redirected to the Edit Product page where you can configure even more details about the product.

  • Product Type – Adjust which options you need available by changing your product type
    • Simple – Basic products without any variations like colors/sizes/etc.
      • Downloadable – A Simple Product can also include a downloadable file. Checking this this will display a “Download Options” section.
      • Virtual – If your Downloadable Product is only downloadable and will not require any shipping, check this box as well to disable shipping.
    • Variable – If your product comes in different sizes/colors/etc. then you have a Variable product. Selecting this Product Type will enable you to configure each product variation to have different images/prices/descriptions/etc.
  • Inventory – A few options for staying on top of your inventory.
    • Sku – If you have a specific Sku for this product, include it.
    • Enable product stock management – If you want to only allocate a specific quantity of inventory to BitLift, use this to ensure you don’t what you don’t have. BitLift will not allow people to purchase products which are out of stock.
    • Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order – Maybe you’re selling a Lambo and customers should only be able to purchase one per order?
  • Shipping & Tax
    • This product requires shipping – Most products which are not digital downloads require shipping
    • Weight & Dimensions – The product weight and dimensions are used by the shipping/carrier calculations
    • Shipping Class – If you configured a Small, Medium or Large Shipping Class when configuring your shipping options, you can select one here.
    • Tax Status – Taxes are calculated automatically based on the buyer’s address. Some products may need special tax configurations.
      • Taxable – This is the default state
      • Shipping only – If you only need to collect tax on the shipping cost
      • None – No taxes collected
    • Tax Class – Defaults to Standard. Other options are are not configured and should not be used.
  • Attribute & Variation – Create variations of your product based on attributes. Let’s use t-shirts as an example.
    • Attributes
      • Attributes are available but not necessary for “Simple Products”
      • For a variable product, like a t-shirt, we might add 2 attributes with the Names Color and Size and values of Black, White and Small, Medium, Large
      • Make sure to check the boxes “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations”
      • Don’t forget to click “Save Attribute”!
    • Variations
      • Once you have Attributes, select “Create variations from all attributes” and then click “Go”
      • This will create every possible combination of product variation (50 max!). For example, it will create Black Small, Black Medium, Black Large, White Small, White Medium and White Large t-shirt variations.
      • Make sure to remove any variations you don’t have available!
      • For each variation, you can set a specific price, image, etc.
      • The variation Description will appear when a customer selects that variation
      • Don’t forget to click “Save Variations”
  • Discount Options – If you want to enable special discounts!
    • Enable bulk discount – Check this box to enable a bulk discount. For example: “10% off when you purchase 3 or more!”
  • Other Options
    • Product Status – Still working on this product? Set it’s status as a Draft.
    • Visibility – Only want your product to be discoverable under certain circumstances?
      • Visible – Default. Visible everywhere!
      • Catalog – Only visible when browsing the store.
      • Search – Only visible via search.
      • Hidden – You have to have the link to the product page in order to see this product.
    • Purchase Note – Want to remind customer of something within their order confirmation email? Add it here!

And of course, don’t forget to click Save Product after making changes!

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