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Get started selling on BitLift

Here’s the steps to get up and running selling on BitLift in no time:

  1. Apply – Apply to sell your products on BitLift! Once approved, we’ll either convert your account into a Seller account or you’ll receive an email with a link to create a Seller Account. Either way you’ll hear from us.
  2. Seller Profile – Access your Seller Dashboard to create your Seller Profile
  3. Shipping Settings – Configure your shipping zones/settings so you can collect the proper shipping costs from customers
  4. Shipping Policies – Add your Shipping Policies which will display on your profile and product pages
  5. Payment Settings – Add your API Key’s to the Payment page so you can get paid in crypto directly to you wallet (cool right!?)
  6. Add Products – Add products to your store
  7. Go Live! – Once you’ve completed the steps above, contact us to let us know you’re ready to go. We’ll take a quick look and get your profile/products live on the site (and earning you crypto) ASAP!

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