What is BitLift?

BitLift is the place you shop with crypto!  We introduce the cryptocurrency community to badass crypto friendly entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to accelerate crypto commerce. We envision a world where more payments are done with crypto than with credit cards and we’re here to accelerate that by:

  • Offering a crypto native marketplace with no fees or middlemen
  • Making shopping with crypto safer, easier and more fun than shopping with credit cards
  • Offering lower prices for people who shop with crypto
  • Educating buyers on how to safely use cryptocurrency in everyday life
  • Educating sellers on the benefits of accepting crypto as payment

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in freedom and privacy
  • We believe in creativity and entrepreneurship
  • We believe in being the custodian our hard earned money
  • We believe in leveraging technology to create the change we seek

Join Us

We’re bootstrapping BitLift from the ground up with our own funds, time and energy. If you’re passionate about crypto, share our beliefs and are interested in contributing, please get in touch (hello at bitlift.com). A few places we could use an extra pair of hands:

  • Email Marketing
  • QA/Store Management
  • WooCommerce/Wordpress Development
  • ERC20/ERC721 Token Development