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Introducing BitLift

There are thousands of cryptocurrency friendly eCommerce companies scattered across the internet but no single place to shop them all. That’s why today we’re proud to launch BitLift, the place you shop with crypto! We’re a brand new marketplace that introduces the cryptocurrency community to badass crypto friendly entrepreneurs.

BitLift’s mission is to accelerate crypto commerce and we envision a world where more payments are done with crypto than with credit cards.

Starting today eCommerce companies and product creators can signup to sell your products on BitLift. We’ve also partnered with some great companies to ensure there’s plenty of products to shop on launch day!

BitLift is a crypto native marketplace. Every seller connects their very own non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet to BitLift and buyers pay directly to their wallet at checkout. No middle-men, no fees, no banksters – just the way crypto was intended to be!

Our team has deep knowledge and 5+ years experience in crypto commerce. The benefits of being paid in cryptocurrency are clear:

  • Access to a large untapped community of tech savvy shoppers
  • No transaction fees or middlemen
  • No fraud or chargebacks
  • No possibility of account freezings or seizures
  • Diversification of income
  • Potential for investment gain on earned income

Even with these benefits, using cryptocurrency can be intimidating. BitLift is designed to safely bring crypto commerce buyers and sellers together under one roof with our crypto savvy support team always here to help.

As we expand out to people who have never used crypto before, our goal is to truly innovate on the crypto payments experience. For crypto commerce to work, it needs to be easier and more rewarding to shop with crypto than it is to shop with credit cards – and we’re simply not there yet. Eventually, BitLift will enable everyone in the world to easily live their lives entirely on crypto.

We’re bootstrapping BitLift from the ground up with our own funds, time and energy. If you’re passionate about crypto, share our beliefs and are interested in contributing, please get in touch.

Welcome to the beginning of crypto commerce!

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