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Your Bank Account Now Speaks Bitcoin

At BitLift, we’ve made a conscious decision to only accept crypto payments. Denying credit card users from shopping at BitLift may seem like a bad business decision, but the value of #CryptoCommerce is clear:

  1. No middle men skimming processing fees
  2. No gatekeepers telling us how to run our business
  3. No custodian hodling and freezing our money
  4. No fraud or chargebacks

It saddens us that in 2020 people still don’t use crypto for payments. But it’s not their fault:

  1. You have to jump through hoops to acquire crypto
  2. Why spend an appreciating asset when you can spend (fiat) a depreciating one
  3. There’s a lack of incentives to spend crypto
  4. Crypto isn’t integrated into Apple/Google Pay or most POS systems
  5. And what are the tax ramifications!?

Someday using crypto will be more convenient and rewarding than shopping with credit cards. In the mean time, the holy grail of #CryptoCommerce would allow for you to shop the way you want (credit/debit cards) and for us to get paid the way we want (non-custodial crypto). We’ve tinkered and integrated with every crypto payment processing tool under the sun, but none of them enable this, until now.

Starting today, anyone can use the Strike app to shop on BitLift! Strike can best be explained as a payments app like Venmo, except under the hood it uses Bitcoin and The Lightning Network to move money around. As Strike founder Jack Mallers likes to say: “Your bank account now speaks Bitcoin with Strike”.

After downloading Strike and connecting your bank account (or debit card), you can easily pay any Bitcoin or Lightning invoice on the internet. You never have to hold any Bitcoin or know how it works – Strike handles all that for you.

For shoppers who don’t have crypto and haven’t heard of Strike yet, BitLift’s new checkout walks you through paying with Strike when you choose to “Pay With Dollarz”. Here’s what it looks like:

Checkout with Strike

And here’s a video demoing the checkout experience start to finish:

BitLift is a #CryptoCommerce playground. The more crypto payments that flow through our checkout, the more we learn about how/why people shop with crypto and the closer we get to our vision of a world where more transactions are done with crypto than smelly old government money.

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