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Podcast 🎤 #54 BitLift Meetup @ ETH Denver 2023

Show Notes

We covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Meeting BitLift Discord friends IRL and figuring out what names to call each other
  • Shoegazer being in crypto “for the tech”
  • Gwindarr being in crypto “for the POAPS”, and how onchain transactions is what he wants to see happen most
  • Gwindarr’s shitcoin trading back in the Poloniex days
  • TradFi middlemen and transaction fees
  • Filtering the signal from the noise in crypto Discords
  • Shoegazer’s adventures solo staking ETH and running Ethereum 2.0 nodes
  • Unfortunate consequences of CeFi last cycle
  • Using the Boom4 Planner to prepare for next cycle
  • Shoegazer’s biggest learning from his first cycle, “Take Winnings”
  • Considering the time commitment before apeing into shitcoins
  • The crypto tax software nightmare
  • Gerbz’s system for tracking his crypto movements
  • Takeaways from ETH Denver 2023
  • Coinbase’s Base Chain on Optimism announcement
  • Crypto regulatory crackdowns
  • None of us used FTX
  • The BitLift discord community
  • BitLift POAPS, and should we bring them back?
  • Reddit being the center of the cryptoverse before Twitter and Discord ever existed
  • Gerbz’s source of crypto news, BitLift’s “Crypto Twitter” list

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