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Podcast 🎤 #31 Organizing & Systemizing Your Crypto Investments

Today we’re talking about dialing in your crypto strategy, setting goals and creating systems for accomplishing your goals.


  • Gerbz invests in crypto full-time, but that doesn’t mean he’s constantly actively trading, gambling on shitcoins, or swapping NFTs.
  • Rather, Gerbz prefers to focus on forming systems for each of his operations to streamline the process.
  • It all starts with a thesis: Gerbz believes crypto assets are the future of money, and decentralized systems will replace centralized ones.


  • Think of your crypto operations as separate buckets. For example, 60% of Gerbz’ total crypto is invested in long term wealth, with 20% in thesis (predictions for the future, projects, etc to accelerate wealth), and 20% in passive income (stablecoins).
  • But what’s right for Gerbz might not be right for someone else. Maybe for you, long term growth is more important and more of your portfolio will consist of blue-chip coins.
  • Regardless of your own positions, you should have a goal for each bucket.
  • Wealth bucket: For example, “1 whole BTC.” Create a checklist with detailed steps of how you plan to get there – how much out of each paycheck? How often? Can it be automated? These are all good questions to ask.
  • Thesis bucket: An example would be looking for 10-100x opportunities. Create a Twitter list of projects you want to keep an eye on, identify price points you want to buy in and targets where you might sell, etc.
  • Income bucket: The goal for this would be to live and fund your life, so come up with a concrete number that you need monthly to make that possible. Diversify across several strategies – Anchor, Curve, Convex, Hundred Finance on Fantom, etc. Consider how the rewards pay out – are they tokens? If so, how do you plan to harvest them? How often? The goal is to create a schedule with detailed steps for every part of this process.


  • This sounds like a lot of work, but it actually makes everything easier in the long run.
  • There’s an old saying – “Plan the trade and trade the plan.” In other words, give structure to your investments to keep you on the path to achieving your goals.
  • There’s a lot of NOISE in crypto, and it’s tempting to get “shiny object syndrome” and ape into a project out of hype. It’s certainly okay to change your mind as you grow and gain experience, but try not to spread yourself too thin and invest in the projects you actually have faith in.
  • Finally, ensure your strategy is manageable. For example, if your strategy requires staring at a screen 24/7, it might not be the best idea.
  • Always think through your investments before – otherwise, you might end up with a bag of 50 shitcoins that you can’t even remember WHY you bought them in the first place!

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