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Learn The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

1. Introduction

About us, why we created this course and how to get the most out of it.

2. WTF is money?

What really is money? And how did we end up with the money we use today.

3. A Better Money

What if we reimagined money for the digital world we live in today?

4. Meet Satoshi

Time to meet Bitcoin’s mysterious creator.

5. How Bitcoin Works

Yes it’s technical, but once you understand how Bitcoin works you realize how powerful it really is.

6. How To Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin wallets, accounts, addresses and safely protecting your private key.

7. How To Get Bitcoin

There’s only three ways to get your hands on some Bitcoin: earn it, mine it or buy it.

8. Bitcoin Forks

Open source software like Bitcoin can be forked and modified by anyone – welcome to the world of altcoins!

9. Bitcoin Privacy & Anonymity

Bitcoin is said to be “pseudonymous”, here’s how to protect yourself

10. Scaling Bitcoin

The most controversial topic in Bitcoin.

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