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3D Printed Bitcoin Coasters (2 Pack)


Sold By: Cryptocloaks

A Bitcoin Throne For Your Drank

You need a Bitcoin on every table in your house. These Bitcoin coasters are durable and resisting hot beverages, just don’t pour boiling water on it!

289 different color combinations

You can mix and match them, or buy different color combinations with more 2-packs to keep it exciting!

Item Info:

  • This item is 3D printed, and minor variances are possible between individual models.
  • Primary Color is the color on top, and Secondary Color is the color on the bottom.

Color Samples

3D Print Colors

This item is 3D-printed, so minor variations are possible between items. These variations will not affect functionality detailed above.

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Shipping Policy

Items ship via USPS the moment they come off the printer.

Refund Policy

Each item is custom 3D printed custom to order. Because of the high level of customization refunds will not be accepted. If for any reason your product is incorrect or defective, contact us ASAP and we'll make it right.

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