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3D Printed Bitcoin Grenade


Sold By: Cryptocloaks

Drop Bitcoins Not Bombs

This gorgeous Bitcoin Grenade is a work of art! Literally, it’s just a toy. Don’t get any ideas. Originally made for attendees of the CryptoEcon 2020 Conference, now everyone can buy a Bitcoin Grenade of their own.

You Choose The Colors

With 289 different color combinations to mix and match, you have the power to make your Bitcoin Grenade truly personal.

Also A Crypto Stash Box

The top of the Bitcoin Grenade comes off and things can be stashed inside the lid and/or body. We don’t recommend “hiding” crypto private keys inside though, that would be a bit obvious…


  • Overall Dimensions (60mm x 110mm) (2.4in x 4.3in)
  • Weight 3oz


  • Can hold several OPENDIME wallets in the body of the item.
  • Made to order – your grenade is made for YOU and you only.
  • Great item to hide things in!


This item is 3D-printed, so minor variations are possible between items. These variations will not affect functionality detailed above.

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Shipping Policy

Items ship via USPS the moment they come off the printer.

Refund Policy

Each item is custom 3D printed custom to order. Because of the high level of customization refunds will not be accepted. If for any reason your product is incorrect or defective, contact us ASAP and we'll make it right.

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