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Cryptosteel Capsule

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Protect Your Crypto in (a tube of) Solid Steel

FIRE, WATER, WIND? The Cryptosteel Capsule is the ultimate tool for offline cold storage of valuable data ~ primarily, crypto seed phrases and private keys. The solid steel container is designed to survive extreme conditions and is compatible with most secret sharing and key generation algorithms./

How The Cryptosteel Capsule Works

The Cryptosteel Capsule comes with over 800 small letter tiles which can be arranged into your 12 or 24 word seedphrase. Slide them into the tube one at a time to construct your secret phrase. Each letter is stamped deep into the tiles to protect against the craziest circumstances.


  • Capsule container dimensions: length 102 mm, diameter 16 mm
  • Solid metal construction – 100% stainless steel
  • Shell made of AISI 303
  • Core, separators, fasteners and character tiles made of AISI 304
  • Packaging includes all printable ASCII characters (96 different characters)

Shipping Policy

Delivery time depends on the current availability of the Product and the destination of the parcel. The Company undertakes its best endeavors to deliver the Products by the following deadlines:
(i) Europe: approx. up to 6 working days;
(ii) Russia: approx. up to 10 working days;
(iii) rest of the world (non-remote destinations): approx. up to 20 working days;
(iv) remote destinations – up to 45 working days.

Refund Policy

If at any time, for any reason, you wish to return your purchase for a full refund, all you need to do is contact Cryptosteel's Support Team with the details and you will receive further instructions. They will process your refund as soon as we receive the product or obtain the tracking number for your parcel. See more at

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