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SHAmory Bitcoin Card Game


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The Bitcoin Memory Game

SHAmory is a crypto take on the classic memory game – a perfect balance of fun and Bitcoin education. Each turn starts with a dice roll, and on their turns, players try to match rows of cards and a “target” card, enlisting all players to try to match and “solve” the target card, and the one that does gets a reward! (Sound familiar?) The player that gets the most rewards once blocks 0-10 have been mined wins!

Learn Cryptographic Concepts Simply

But, like bitcoin, it’s not that simple – the die could instead have players place an “Attack” card alongside the blockchain, and if there are ever more “Attack” cards than blocks, a 51% attack has occurred and the game restarts! Additionally, as the game goes on, a “Difficulty Adjustment” card could be revealed, causing the remainder of the game to become harder!


  • SHAmory is a STEM Authenticated educational product.
  • Excellent balance of education and fun
  • Fun monster illustrations on the cards that kids will love
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