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Stonebook Notebook

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Made to avoid key-mergencies

Let’s say the unthinkable happens – one day, you get home from the coffee shop and you can’t find your hardware wallet – you could have sworn you put it in your laptop bag when you left. Oh no! Thankfully, your wallet was encrypted with a passcode – if it fell into the wrong hands, your crypto is probably safe… for now. Now you just have to restore from your mnemonic… If you can remember where you put the paper backup for that wallet all those years ago.

The only backup book you’ll ever need

If you had the Shieldfolio Stonebook, a rock-solid backup solution from Shieldfolio, you would know where all your keys were. It allows you to back up 50+ wallets in its stone-made pages, and is water- and tear-resistant. Write in your keys, throw the book in your safe, and never worry about losing your crypto (or your keys!) again.


  • Tear- and water-resistant
  • Pages crafted from stone paper
  • Includes pages to help generate ciphers
  • Designed to work with ballpoint pens
  • Best used with the Ghost Pen.
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