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The Internet Of Money Volume 3 by Andreas Antonopoulos

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The Internet of Money: A collection of talks by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Following the smashing success of Volumes 1 & 2, The Internet of Money: Volume 3 includes 12 more talks about the historical impacts of the creation of bitcoin, and the ways they have changed our social, political, and economic landscape forever. Andreas Antonopoulos weaves words and offers compelling demonstrations today of what history books will tell our children about bitcoin 20 years from now.

About Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos is a tech entrepreneur, who is very good at making technologically demanding ideas easy to grasp. He has founded 3 bitcoin businesses, is an advisor to many more, and launched several open-source projects related to cryptocurrency.

Book Details

  • Authors: Andreas Antonopoulos
  • Publisher: Merkle Bloom LLC
  • Date Published: December 7, 2019
  • Pages: 162
  • ISBN: 978-1947910171
  • Format: Paperback
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