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Even Amazon Started With Books

Our vision at BitLift is as BIG as ever, but we’ve made some improvements to focus on what’s working.

A marketplace like Amazon powered by P2P crypto payments is still a possibility, but even Amazon started with just books.

We had great demand from merchants interested in accepting crypto payments, however buyers didn’t have a specific reason to shop at BitLift. A nice way to describe our initial product lineup is… random.

Most of the sales we did have were crypto related. Things like hardware wallets and Bitcoin swag sold really well. So we’re leaning into this as a stepping stone on our journey.

We’ve recently partnered with some of the biggest (and smallest) brands in crypto to make BitLift the place you shop for anything and everything crypto related. Crypto products are to BitLift what books were to Amazon.

Our mission is to accelerate #cryptocommerce, and we’re attacking it from three angles:

  1. Commerce – The eCommerce business is broken up into two parts: Sold by BitLift and Marketplace. Together they create a fertile ground for innovating on crypto payment experiences.
  2. Content – When friends/family ask you, “Where should I learn about crypto?”, we want BitLift to be the answer. The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole is the first piece of a giant educational initiative at BitLift.
  3. Innovation – The more eCommerce checkouts that occur on BitLift, the more we learn about how people use crypto. This is the part we have the most fun with.

We have lots of products and partnership announcements on the way, and this new found focus opens up space to improve our educational content and payment innovation initiatives.

BitLift version 4.0 is off to an amazing start! If you’re passionate about crypto and looking for a way to contribute, check our about page. Together, we can drive #cryptocommerce forward.

GΞR₿Z @ BitLift
Co-Founder & CEO

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