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Podcast 🎤 #35 Crypto Bear Market Q&A

Today we’re answering your crypto questions: everything from dollar cost averaging strategies, to stable coin farming during a bear market and whether the stock-to-flow model is dead.


  • Why is the market going down? Is it safe to say we’re in a bear market? – PumaKing
  • What should we be doing right now? Is DCAing the name of the game? – Jeff
  • Is S2F broken? – Jeff
  • Is stable coin farming still “safe” if we experience another 50% drop? – Guido
  • What indicators do you look for as a signal that the market is changing? In other words, are there events that make you pull the trigger on buys or sells? – ChrisC
  • Do you think negative announcements are contributing to the decline, or are they a result of it? For example – when a project like decides to slash perks overnight – is that a reflection on the market, or is it just CeFi being CeFi? – Nick


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