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Cryptocurrency’s cult like following of hardcore engineers and brainiacs can make it an intimidating topic. But just like the paper (and plastic) money you use every day, a basic understanding is all you need to spend, invest and get paid in crypto.

These guides are jam packed with specific examples, tools and tricks you can use to become your own bank, take back control of your hard earned money and start using cryptocurrency in your everyday life.

🎤 #10 Farming Stablecoins

Today we talked about farming stablecoins. We discuss the different types of stablecoins, how farming stablecoins fits into your portfolio and the best platforms for maximizing returns on your stablecoin farm.

🎤 #11 Learning To Love Transaction Fees

Today we’re talking about network fees – where they come from, why they’re so expensive right now, and why that might actually be a good thing.

🎤 #1 Finding Signal in the Crypto Noise

Today we’re talking about finding signal in the crypto noise – ignoring the hype and focusing on what really matters.

🎤 #2 Eight Years of Crushing it with Crypto & Just Getting Started

In today’s episode, we talk about what got us into crypto – and why we’re as bullish as ever.

🎤 #3 Timing & Understanding Crypto’s Four Year Market Cycle

Today we talk about market timing – when to get in, when (if ever) to get out, and how to ride the crypto waves in between.


For the launch of The BitLift Podcast we wanted to do something fun at the intersection of crypto & podcasting. NFTs were the first thing that came to mind, but NFTs on Ethereum have some drawbacks: Minting NFTs on Ethereum is expensive (gas) Transferring NFTs on Ethereum is expensive (gas) We wanted it to be…

🎤 #4 Choosing The Right Crypto Custodians & Juggling Hot Wallets

Today we’re breaking down what wallets we use and how to best manage your crypto holdings.

Get Paid To Borrow With Anchor

In our previous guide on Anchor I walked step-by-step through setting up a Terra wallet, converting Ethereum stablecoins to wrapped UST (wUST), bridging wUST to Terra and dropping them in Anchor to earn 20%. This is even easier now that you can buy native UST directly on Coinbase Pro. Earning 20% in Anchor remains a…

Get Your Kid Off The Grid

You can’t teach your kids proper financial responsibility while paying them in smelly old fiat money! The money in your child’s piggy bank is inflating away – its time to educate children about Bitcoin. Paying for chores and allowance is a fun/easy way to teach your kids about crypto: Setup a Bitpiggy (wallet) Keep a…

Yield Farming

  1. Earn a Fixed 20% APY with Anchor Earn

🎤 #5 Understanding Cold Storage & Protecting Your Private Key

Today we’re talking about safely and securely taking custody of your crypto – and establishing such strong redundancies that you could take a blowtorch to your seed phrase.

🎤 #6 Get Paid In Bitcoin

Today we’re talking about the history of using Bitcoin for payments, why you should pay with bitcoin and our favorite tools for invoicing clients and accepting crypto payments online.

🎤 #7 Constructing Your Crypto Portfolio

Today we’re talking about how to construct a crypto portfolio based on your investment thesis – diversifying across protocols, apps and stable income opportunities.

🎤 #8 BONUS Episode – Market Update & Price Predictions

Today we’re offering a market update. Where are we in the market cycle? How are we thinking about our individual portfolios? And is winter coming? Or should we be planning for the super-cycle?

The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

🎤 #9 Welcome To DeFi Land

Today we’re talking about decentralized finance – what it is and how you can put your dusty old crypto to work generating powerful returns.

  1. Introduction
  2. WTF is money?
  3. A Better Money
  4. Meet Satoshi
  5. How Bitcoin Works
  6. How To Use Bitcoin
  7. How To Get Bitcoin
  8. Bitcoin Forks
  9. Bitcoin Privacy & Anonymity
  10. Scaling Bitcoin

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