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Cryptocurrency’s cult like following of hardcore engineers and brainiacs can make it an intimidating topic. But just like the paper (and plastic) money you use every day, a basic understanding is all you need to spend, invest and get paid in crypto.

These guides are jam packed with specific examples, tools and tricks you can use to become your own bank, take back control of your hard earned money and start using cryptocurrency in your everyday life.

Get Your Kid Off The Grid

You can’t teach your kids proper financial responsibility while paying them in smelly old fiat money! The money in your child’s piggy bank is inflating away – its time to educate children about Bitcoin. Paying for chores and allowance is a fun/easy way to teach your kids about crypto: Setup a Bitpiggy (wallet) Keep a…

The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole

  1. Introduction
  2. WTF is money?
  3. A Better Money
  4. Meet Satoshi
  5. How Bitcoin Works
  6. How To Use Bitcoin
  7. How To Get Bitcoin
  8. Bitcoin Forks
  9. Bitcoin Privacy & Anonymity
  10. Scaling Bitcoin

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