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🎤 #55 Crypto Venture Investing w/ Product Matt of Very Early Ventures

Live from ETH Denver 2023! Gerbz talks with Mathieu Chanson, Partner at Very Early Ventures about crypto venture investing.

🎤 #54 BitLift Meetup @ ETH Denver 2023

BitLift Discord members Shoegazer & Gwindarr took a break from ETHDenver to hang w/ Gerbz & talk crypto at the 1st ever IRL BitLift Meetup.

🎤 #53 Financial Planning For Boom4 – Free Step By Step Template

Free downloadable template for planning your goals and structuring your crypto portfolio leading into Boom4.

🎤 #52 Boom4 Predictions – Part 4: DeFi, Web3, DAOs & NFTs

The dApp layer is where the real speculation happens. Today we discuss each sector and what we’re keeping an eye on as we approach Boom4.

🎤 #51 Boom4 Predictions – Part 3: ETH Killers & L2s

ETH Killers gained traction in Boom3, but did users stick around? And will L2s capture value for themselves or drive more ETH adoption?

🎤 #50 Boom4 Predictions – Part 2: Ethereum

Ethereum ICOs drove the action in Boom2, but alternative L1s took center stage for Boom3. Will ETH staking and L2s be the drivers of Boom4?

🎤 #49 Boom4 Predictions – Part 1: Bitcoin

2013 was the 1st crypto boom, 2017 was 2nd. As the dust settles from Boom3 it’s time to prepare for Boom4 – and it all starts with Bitcoin.

🎤 #48 Staking Your ETH – Part 3: Theories & Opportunities

Today, we theorize: What happens to Ethereum once we can withdraw our stake? Will staking yields remain at 3-8%? Are LSDs good investments?

🎤 #47 Staking Your ETH – Part 2: Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs)

Today we discuss staking your ETH via liquid staking providers like Lido, Coinbase, Frax and Rocket Pool.

🎤 #46 Staking Your ETH – Part 1: Base Layer Yield In Proof of Stake

The Ethereum Merge transitioned ETH from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Let’s dive into POS to understand where staking rewards come from.

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