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🎤 #56 Protecting Your Wallets w/ Maika Isogawa, CEO & Founder at Webacy

Scammers, hackers & fraudsters are running rampant in the crytosphere. Maika Isogawa’s company Webacy helps us protect ourselves.

🎤 #55 Crypto Venture Investing w/ Product Matt of Very Early Ventures

Live from ETH Denver 2023! Gerbz talks with Mathieu Chanson, Partner at Very Early Ventures about crypto venture investing.

🎤 #54 BitLift Meetup @ ETH Denver 2023

BitLift Discord members Shoegazer & Gwindarr took a break from ETHDenver to hang w/ Gerbz & talk crypto at the 1st ever IRL BitLift Meetup.

🎤 #53 Financial Planning For Boom4 – Free Step By Step Template

Free downloadable template for planning your goals and structuring your crypto portfolio leading into Boom4.

🎤 #52 Boom4 Predictions – Part 4: DeFi, Web3, DAOs & NFTs

The dApp layer is where the real speculation happens. Today we discuss each sector and what we’re keeping an eye on as we approach Boom4.

🎤 #51 Boom4 Predictions – Part 3: ETH Killers & L2s

ETH Killers gained traction in Boom3, but did users stick around? And will L2s capture value for themselves or drive more ETH adoption?

🎤 #50 Boom4 Predictions – Part 2: Ethereum

Ethereum ICOs drove the action in Boom2, but alternative L1s took center stage for Boom3. Will ETH staking and L2s be the drivers of Boom4?

🎤 #49 Boom4 Predictions – Part 1: Bitcoin

2013 was the 1st crypto boom, 2017 was 2nd. As the dust settles from Boom3 it’s time to prepare for Boom4 – and it all starts with Bitcoin.

🎤 #48 Staking Your ETH – Part 3: Theories & Opportunities

Today, we theorize: What happens to Ethereum once we can withdraw our stake? Will staking yields remain at 3-8%? Are LSDs good investments?

🎤 #47 Staking Your ETH – Part 2: Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs)

Today we discuss staking your ETH via liquid staking providers like Lido, Coinbase, Frax and Rocket Pool.

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