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🎤 #20 Partnerning on Crypto w/ Mrz. Gerbz

Meet Mrz. Gerbz.

🎤 #19 Playing with NFTs w/ Dan Stone, Creator of Ethermore

NFTs with Dan Stone, Creator of Ethermore – an NFT based role-playing game.

🎤 #18 Crypto Strategy Session w/ The Gerbz Broz

Be a fly on the wall for this week’s Gerbz Bro crypto strategy session.

🎤 #17 Keeping Up With Crypto

Today I talk with Tom, The Crypto Investor about lessons we’ve learned the hard way & investment principals to live by.

🎤 #16 Lightning Fast Bitcoin

Understanding Bitcoin’s Lightning Network with Sjors Provoost.

🎤 #15 Mistakes Crypto Investors Learn The Hard Way

Since 2013 I’ve heard the same crypto questions and watched my friends make the same investing mistakes over and over. Let’s go through them.

🎤 #14 Banking On Bitcoin

Unbanking ourselves, using crypto to operate our businesses and bridging the gap between the legacy financial system and the cryptoverse.

🎤 #13 Crypto Privacy, Anonymity & Offshore Banking In The Cloud

Learn how Bitcoin & Ethereum wallets work to protect your privacy, tools you can use to remain private and why even though you think you’re using crypto anonymously you’re probably not.

🎤 #12 The “Never Sell” Strategy

Today we’re discussing how to borrow against your crypto using CeFi & Defi so you can hodl forever without making a single interest payment.

🎤 #11 Learning To Love Transaction Fees

Today we’re talking about network fees – where they come from, why they’re so expensive right now, and why that might actually be a good thing.

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