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🎤 #44 Why You Need A Hot Degen Wallet & Cold NFT Vault

Protecting those precious JPEGS.

🎤 #43 THORChain Savers Vault – The Simplicity of CeFi Yield, Now On DeFi

Today I’m speaking with SamYap, Community Mod at THORChain about THORChain’s new Savers Vault. We break down THORChain, what it is, how it works and how their new Savers Vault make DeFi yield as simple as CeFi, without BEING CeFi.

🎤 #42 Controlling Every Pixel w/ eBoy, NFT Artists & Godfathers of Pixel Art

Today I’m speaking with Kai who is 1/3 of eBoy, a team of digital pixel artists, exploring their transition to NFT’s and digital collectibles.

🎤 #41 Say Good Morning To, The Web3 Social Network

Welcome to The BitLift Podcast where we don’t just stack crypto, we ***use*** it. I’m Gerbz, founder of BitLift and I’ve been using crypto every single day since 2013.

Today I’m talking with [Mike McGuiness](, co-founder at []( about what it takes to become the first crypto native social network.

You can find links and show notes for everything discussed here today at

🎤 #40 Meet 3bra

Meet 3bra, the first social profiles for ENS (.eth) domains.

🎤 #39 What Hedl Up & What To Hodl Next

Today we’re just sort of freestyl’n on things we’ve noticed this past month, corners of the cryptoverse we’re exploring and how our strategies are evolving as we settle into crypto winter.

🎤 #38 Trade The Cycle, DCA For Life

Today we’re talking about using crypto’s four year cycle to accomplish your short term goals while also dollar cost averaging to build and preserve long term wealth.

🎤 #37 Reminders For Next Crypto Bull Market

A message in a bottle to my future self.

🎤 #36 Terra, LUNA, UST Meltdown – Postmortem & Lessons Learned

Lessons learned, what you can still do about it and what’s coming next.

🎤 #35 Crypto Bear Market Q&A

Today we’re answering your crypto questions: everything from dollar cost averaging strategies, to stable coin farming during a bear market and whether the stock-to-flow model is dead.

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